GPS Receivers May Need Reconfiguration

The decommissioning of two satellites means some GPS receivers need to be reset.

In July, two geostationary satellites transmitting the Wide Area Augmentation System used by GPS receivers were decommissioned. Since those satellites quit broadcasting correction signals, satellites PRN 135 and PRN 138 are the only active WAAS satellites. Many receivers shipped and sold over the past five years will need to be reconfigured in order to receive the signal.

TeeJet Technologies will be at several tradeshows this fall and winter. You can receive free upgrades and reconfiguration to your GPS receivers at these tradeshows. Your local dealer can also help with necessary upgrades or you can contact TeeJet Technologies Support directly at (217)747-0235.

For more information about the WAAS update and a list of tradeshows TeeJet Technologies will be exhibiting at, click HERE.

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